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San Gimignano
San Gimignano

San Gimignano is a small walled medieval hilltop town in Tuscany, Italy, about a 35-minute drive northwest of Siena or southwest of Florence. It is mainly famous for its medieval architecture, especially its towers, which may be seen from several miles outside the town.
San Gimignano was founded as a small village in the third century BC by the Etruscans. Its historical records begin in the tenth century AD, when it adopted the name of the bishop, Saint Geminianus, who had defended it from Attila's Huns.

San Gimignano

In medieval and Renaissance times, it was a stopping point for pilgrims on their way to Rome and the Vatican as it sits on the medieval via Francigena. The city's development also was boosted by the trade of agricultural products from the fertile neighbouring hills.In 1199, during the period of its highest splendour, the city made itself independent from the bishops of Volterra. Divisions between Guelph and Ghibellines parties troubled the inner life of the commune, which nonetheless, still managed to embellish itself with artworks and architectures.

San Gimignano

Today, the town also is known for the white wine, Vernaccia di San Gimignano and for the saffron, grown in the area.
Vernaccia is the white wine grown and produced near the Italian hill town of San Gimignano in Tuscany.  this Wine has been  produced in the area for hundreds of years, perhaps it was already known also in the etruscan period. Since the Renaissance it has been considered one of Italy's finest white wines. It was the first Italian white wine to be awarded DOC status in 1966; on 9 July 1993 this was upgraded to DOCG.

San Gimignano

The extremely pure saffron of San Gimignano is produced naturally without the use of any chemical products in all phases of its cultivation, drying and conservation.
The saffron of San Gimignano is extremely pure. It is produced naturally and no chemical products are used during its cultivation, drying and conservation. The saffron stamens are packaged whole in order to guarantee their pure quality as well as to protect their  pungent and slightly bitterish taste.

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San Gimignano

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