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Volterra Sc-Apartment in old villa of 1,700ís and two farmhouses
Location: Volterra
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Volterra Sc-Apartment  in  old villa of 1,700ís and two farmhouses

One apartment  in an old villa of 1,700ís and two farmhouses within a large estate at just a few kilometers from Volterra.

A stay at Villa di or in one of the two  farmhouses  will allow you to revisit and appreciate the past while still having modern comforts at your disposal.
A romantic place at less than one hour drive time in any direction to the main Tuscan art cities and the coast.

The splendid Villa  was built by the noble Campaniís family in the year 1740. It rises in the center of a large estate.

Volterra Sc-Apartment  in  old villa of 1,700ís and two farmhouses

The city of Volterra can be seen on the horizon at only 10 km. away.

There are more than 1400 olive trees that produce high quality oil surrounding the property along with Cypresses, Oaks, Junipers and fields as far as the eye can see. The olive oil can be purchased directly from the owners and can be delivered to the requested destination.

Villa is an unforgettable place and has been the subject of many of the guestsí paintings and photos. The harmony, the peace, the silence and the natural beauty are characteristics that you will definitively enjoy.

Volterra Sc-Apartment  in  old villa of 1,700ís and two farmhouses

The large villa today belongs to Marisa and her sons Carlo and Anna.
Together they take care of the business and welcome guests with great sympathy and cordiality, offering a glass of Vin Santo made by Carlo, according to the traditional method.

In any residence  belonged to noble people, there was a little church. Even inside the Villa you will find a small chapel where many marriages are nowadays  celebrated. In these occasions,  the church, the garden and other common areas of the villa,  normally reserved to the owners, are used by the celebrating people.

Volterra Sc-Apartment  in  old villa of 1,700ís and two farmhouses

The area surrounding the villa is a true paradise for those people who love taking walks and trekking. There is a natural  path called the Ring of Montenero. It continues for kilometers in the middle of an immaculate nature. With a short walk from the villa it is also possible to reach the Nera Falls  (Cascata della Nera), with  its natural swimming pool and its clean and tonic waters. Those passionate people about cycling have many roads and paths available in the country. Two mountain bikes are also available for rental.
For their guests they have a lovely apartment in the villa and two farmhouses  rising up at a distance of a few meters from each another.
Both have maintained their original rural aspect with interior design and antique furniture, keeping its natural fascinating charm.

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