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Volterra Bl - Apartments and rooms in biologic farmhouse
Location: Volterra
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Volterra Bl - Apartments and rooms in biologic farmhouse

You can really breathe good air in this biological agriturismo (farm holiday). Not only because the holding is situated on a hill which looks over a sea of hills which change colour according to the seasons.  But above all for the cleanness of the air, the atmosphere of participation, the enthusiasm and love for their work which Angela and her father Luigi, are able to transmit to their guests.  A perfect place for the family and groups of friends who have a desire for a stay on a real farm holiday and re-discover the tasty flavours of the past.

Volterra Bl - Apartments and rooms in biologic farmhouse

The business carries out farm activities with a system of biological cultivation and produces extra virgin olive oil, wine, cereals and hay.  The products which are produced from the last two cultivations are used for the feeding of animals which are bred on the farm and guarantee a natural production of meat. Luigi is passionately dedicated to the breeding of the Pecora Pomarancina (sheep).  This is a native breed, limited diffusion (about an estimated stock of 1200 sheep) which probably evolve from the mountain breed from which it retains some morphological outlines.  

Volterra Bl - Apartments and rooms in biologic farmhouse

Breeding from the beginning of the century in the boroughs of Pomarance, Montecatini Val di Cecina with expansion in the neighbouring area, of which the hills of Volterra, up to the borders of the province of  Siena.The breeding which is carried out in a half natural way, is used for the meat production.  The milk quality is quite good with low fat content (6/7%) and good quality wool, which is principally used for the production of mattresses.

Volterra Bl - Apartments and rooms in biologic farmhouse

The rooms and the flats are beautiful and well designed in minimum detail. The bedrooms with  bathroom are perfectly self-contained and all have access from outside. They can be rented out individually in B & B style or can be joined to the other flats to increase bed space.  Each flat has use of  a part of the garden, which is equipped and the guests have free use.  Products from the vegetable garden are free.

There are some areas dedicated to relaxation with a children’s  playground, table tennis and table football.  Some mountain bikes are available for guests.  Once a week, Angela, prepares pizzas for all the guests and cooks them in the wooden oven outside.

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