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Siena Sf - Apartments in old farm
Location: Siena and the Crete Senesi
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Siena Sf - Apartments in old farm

Only 12 km from Siena in the middle of the large estate of the Conte Fiorentini we can find the beautiful castle built by King Angioino during the 12th century and the small church built in 867 ad. which was dedicated to one of the martyrs killed at the Coliseum.
This large estate measures over 700 hectares and includes the cultivation of hard wheat, sunflowers,  maize and vineyards.  Within this territory with its oak-tree woods there are a few small lakes where it’s possible to see herons and also the two torrents of l’Arbia and il Biena.This farm holiday is perfect for a holiday with children.There are many activities designed for them:  table tennis, tri-cycles, toys, children’s  playground and swings.  A baby-sitting service is available if required.

Siena Sf - Apartments in old farm

One of the farm holdings, which dates back to the late 17th century, has been restored and furnished with the latest comforts.  Apart from the main house flat, the farm holding has also got 4 guests flats for tourists.A small detached villa is also available for guests.All the flats are furnished with care and attention and also have air-conditioning, satellite TV,  DVD and Internet access.

Siena Sf - Apartments in old farm

For those who desire, Filippo and Rachele will organise various enjoyable daily activities of which :  Cookery lessons of typical Tuscany dishes, walks through the hillsides, equitation sports (horse-riding), bike-rides, visits to Tuscany cities, visits to the local hand-craft workers and visits to museums.All of this goes to make what Filippo and Rachele love to say  about their farm holiday “you arrive as  guests but you leave as  friends”.

Siena Sf - Apartments in old farm

The estate with its hilly landscape and fields of wheat, its castle and small old church , is the ideal place for organising anniversaries, degree celebrations, family get-togethers and weddings. Inside the old stables of the holding, with its medieval atmosphere, guests can have lunch, relax, socialise, listen to music and play the electric organ and the grand piano in front of large the fireplace.

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