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Volterra Lo - Amongst small streets and ancient paths
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Volterra Lo - Amongst small streets and ancient paths

A short walk from the Roman Theatre in Volterra and the Porta Fiorentina, in what used to be once upon a time a nunnery, a small hotel can be found offering 17 bedrooms and one suite.
The hotel is surrounded by ancient paths and narrow pretty lanes in this gorgeous etruscan town, rich with art treasures.

The building was bought during the second half of the 18th Century by an historian very passionate about the history of the Estruscans.
He has set amongst the ancient stones of the front of the building many of the finds he dug out himself during the various archeological excavations.
The front of the building is adorned with cinerary etruscan vases with funeral urns from the hellenistic period with fabulous animal depictions and scenes of the journey into the netherworld.

Volterra Lo - Amongst small streets and ancient paths

The rooms are equipped with all mod cons and have a security box, a minibar, air conditioning, satellite tv and internet connectivity.
Some of the rooms have bathrooms with a whirlpool shower and a sauna or a jacuzzi bath for one person or for two.
The suite is furnished with gorgeous antique furniture, a jacuzzi bath tub with whirlpool shower, a sauna scented with aromatheraphy.

The hotel interior is romantic and very discreet. A breakfast buffet is served daily. Guests can also enjoy a half board service at the renowned restaurant that the hotel owners have which is located in the wonderful Piazza dei Priori.

Volterra Lo - Amongst small streets and ancient paths

For the traveller arriving in Volterra, you can visit the following Museums: Museo Etrusco Guarnacci (the Etruscan Museum Guarnacci) , Pinacoteca e Museo Civico (the Art Gallery and the Civic Centre) ,  Museo di Arte Sacra (the Museum of Sacred Art), Biblioteca Guarnacci (the Guarnacci Library), Archivio Storico e Bibilioteca Comunale (the Historic archive and the Public library), Sala del Consiglio e della Giunta (Council house and the Distric Council), Palazzo Incontri-Viti (the Incontri-Viti Palace), Ecomuseo dell'Alabastro (the Alabaster eco museum).
There are numerous craftsmen’s workshops dotted around the narrow lanes of the historical town centre and they offer precious crafts. You can walk around doing the “Arte in Bottega” (it roughly translates to – Art in every workshop ) walking trail which is organised by the craftsmen associations. Along this trail it is possible to take a guided tour of the workshops producing the following handiwork: Copper, gold, glass work, paintings, ancient prints, craft shops that restore ancient furniture and pictorial decorations, pottery, craftsmen who specialise in graphics and decorations.

Volterra Lo - Amongst small streets and ancient paths

Throughout the year there are loads of cultural events taking place in Volterra:

-il Festival Volterrateatro, (Volterra theatre festival)
-Il festival del Teatro Romano, (Roman theatre festival)
-la rievocazione  medievale Volterra AD , (Volterra AD medieval reenactment)
-gli spettacoli della Compagnia della Fortezza, (the Fortezza group shows)
-le "Cene Galeotte" all'interno della Fortezza Medicea  (the “Dinner in the dungeons” inside the Medici Fortress)
- the numerous advanced courses organised by the SIAP)
- The learning village in Tuscany that specialises in advanced management courses)
For those who love their food and wine, you will find all kinds of high quality organically grown local produce available in the various stalls exhibited at the Volterra Gusto festival of food and wine.

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