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Valdera MO - A farmhouse between Lajatico and Volterra
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Valdera  MO -  A farmhouse between  Lajatico and Volterra

Valdera  MO -  A farmhouse between  Lajatico and Volterra

This beautiful property called Valdera, with its own dovecote tower which is typical of all buildings erected during the reform period called “Riforma Leopoldina”, is facing onto the Valdera. This property is part of a big estate comprising a wood tree forest, olive groves, vineyards and large fields of crops. Everything grown on this estate is produced organically. The farm offers 4 holiday apartments where guests can enjoy a pleasant holiday discovering the traditions of a bygone era. Maria Angela is a young entrepeneur. She has been running the estate with its organic farm and the holiday apartments for the last ten years. She has a genuine passion for producing olive oil and has obtained the diploma of “assaggiatrice di olio” which means she can judge and taste the standard of olive oil. The olives produced  by 900 olive trees are hand picked at the estate during the months of October, November and December.

Valdera  MO -  A farmhouse between  Lajatico and Volterra

The cold pressed process is carried out immediately after picking the olives in order to obtain an oil with very low level of acidity.
All guests can part take in the olive picking and if they wish, they can follow every step of olive oil production from the olive picking to the final “Olio novo” sampling.
All guests will be able to enjoy a beautiful garden with great panoramic views of the surrounding area, use of a swimming pool with sun beds, use of a huge veranda with barbeque facilities, a wooden over to re-discover the old art of bread baking, or to bake your focaccia bread or pizzas.
There is a play area reserved for the kids.
There is a small hamlet 1.5 km away from the farm holiday estate where guests can find every type of shops they need. In the immediate vicinity guests can visit towns like Lajatico, Peccioli  Volterra and San Gimignano.

Valdera  MO -  A farmhouse between  Lajatico and Volterra

Upon request italian language courses or italian cookery classes can be organised.
In the future, it is possible the owner may organise classes in goldsmithing.

Maria Angela was a skillfull goldsmith before she started to manage the organic farm and the holiday apartment business. Her workshop is located in an unused area of the farm.

From time to time Maria Angela thinks about creating a small workshop in the estate to allow guests to learn a few goldsmithing techniques and to allow guests to let loose their creativity.

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